Get contact info for Purchase-Ready Buyers BEFORE your competitors even know they exist. It’s having…




Getting Predictable Customers means you not only know who is in your market to buy before they make a buying decision…

You literally pick that low-hanging fruit as it ripens.

Having Predictable Customers gives you a first-contact advantage with active shoppers and buyers looking for what you offer.

It’s your opportunity to be their first and best choice.

Want some?

To get you Predictable Customers we do the following…


Track and Identify

We identify real people in their active buying process, who are currently researching and shopping for what you offer. Our process learns while getting smarter and more accurate, plus auto-updates with your customer’s evolving buying criteria.

Precision Targeting

Using location, revenue, industry, size, competition and other filters we focus on targeted parameters ranging from generic and broad to detailed. This produces a robust selection of shopper/buyer results from which you can identify desirable prospects.

Capture and Deliver

The purpose of all this is to get you prospect contact info (names, mailing addresses, email addresses, phone numbers) in your dashboard and as a CSV. You use that info to follow up, nurture, educate, and differentiate to build the relationships and close sales.

Why hunt for new customers when you can choose the ones you want from those who are currently shopping for what you offer?

With “Predictable Customers” you are literally PULLING Qualified Buyers” and sales from the market

(Before your competitors know they exist.)

We focus specifically on prospects whose browsing and search profiles indicate they are actively in the market for what you offer. That effectively eliminates 97% of the waste and focuses on the purchase-active 3% of your market. With this laser-focused identification, you can

  1. Reduce your customer acquisition costs.
  2. Speed up your sales process.
  3. Identify competitor’s “in-sales-pipeline” prospects.
  4. Identify competitor’s current customers shopping for new vendors.

Your competition is left wondering who or what is draining the marketplace of prime customers.

It’s a good thing for you.

Your competition?

Not so much.


Getting a consistent, continual flow of Predictable Customers is a “massive Game-changer” for ANY and EVERY industry or profession.

There are NO exceptions.

Marketing, sales and lead generation constantly evolve. You either fall behind your competitors, keep up, or get head of them. Nothing stays the same for very long – you have too many aggressive competitors.

You can continue with interruption marketing to cold prospects, do your hard-sell closing (which shouldn’t be needed in the first place), and generally hunting for new customers like everyone else.

Or you can evolve…get better…spot opportunities as they happen…even before they happen.

Predictable Customers allows you to identify in-market, pre-purchase prospects with buyer intent who are actively looking for your products and services.

It’s that simple.

Why would you delay getting Predictable Customers, even for a minute?

Right now, as you read this, your yet-yo-be-identified shoppers are shopping, buyers are buying, and you have no part of it because you lack pre-purchase visibility on these prospects.

You won’t see them on your radar, if at all, until after they become known to your whole market.

But you could spot them a lot sooner.

Predictable Customers can pay for itself with your first new customer. 

It’s up to you now.

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ACTIVE BUYERS are shopping for what you sell right now - as you read this.

Want to contact them BEFORE they become known to your competitors?

Dramatically reduce and often eliminate your competition by getting to these buyers before your competitors know they even exist!

Get names, emails, mailing addresses, and phone numbers as a first contact advantage over your competition for customers CURRENTLY shopping for what YOU offer.

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