Get contact info for Purchase-Ready Buyers BEFORE your competitors even know they exist.




Getting Predictable Customers – knowing WHO is going to buy BEFORE they actually make a buying decision and becoming their preferred first choice, has always been the Holy Grail of all serious marketing.

That’s what we provide.

Want some?

To get you Predictable Customers we do the following…



Track and Identify

We identify real people in their active buying process, who are researching and currently shopping for what you offer. Our process learns – getting smarter,  even more accurate, and and auto-updates with your customer’s evolving buying criteria.

Customized Promo

Then we use targeted online marketing and advertising placements to promote YOUR products and services directly to those shoppers before they make decisions that lock them into anything other than YOUR solution(s). It’s goes way beyond just retargeting ads.

Capture and Deliver

And finally, we provide you prospects contact info (their names, mailing addresses, email addresses, phone numbers) as a CSV so you can import all that information to follow up, nurture, educate, and differentiate to build the relationship and close the sale.

When you start getting Predictable Customers, you are literally PULLING “Qualified Buyers” out of the market to OWN the SALE

(Before your competitors know they exist.)

The nature of marketing and advertising forces you to promote to both buyers and non-buyers at the same time. So even with perfectly defined personas, only 3% of ANY given market (on average) is buying any time soon.

At best you can only hope the 97% that isn’t buying when you want them to will filter themselves out and not waste your money when you follow up.

But in the real world that never really happens so you get more lookey-loos, procrastinators and tire-kickers. These non-buyers waste your follow-up time, drastically lower your conversion percentages and increase your customer acquisition costs.

When you promote to your whole market, you also inevitably get “fringe market” click-throughs that are an even greater waste of your time and resources. These curiosity-seeking “never buyers” only lower your results and increase your acquisition costs even more.

This is why you put so much time, money and effort into the leads you do get. Most of them aren’t really “buyer-ready” leads to begin with.

And to make matters worse, once those actual buyers are officially “out in the open” and requesting quotes, the sales process turns into a bidding war with your competitors.

You don’t want to wait until those exclusive sales opportunities shift from being “just yours” to everyone’s.

Getting Predictable Customers is Different

 We focus specifically and only on those customers whose browsing and search profiles indicate they are actively in the market for what you offer. That eliminates 97% of the waste and focuses on the purchase-active 3% of any market that’s planning on buying in the immediate future.

 As a result of this laser-focused identification, you can 

  1. Reduce your customer acquisition costs up to 25%-75%.
  2. Speed up your sales process dramatically.

Things get even better when we send these customers to you BEFORE they are identified by your competitors and the usual sales feeding frenzy starts.

Your competition is left wondering who or what is draining the marketplace of prime customers.

It’s a good thing for you.

Your competition?

Not so much.


Getting a consistent, regular flow of Predictable Customers is a “massive Game-changer” for ANY and EVERY industry or profession.

There are NO exceptions.


You have one of two choices to make:

It boils down to your action or inaction….

1)  Either you act now to get this first-contact advantage for new customers entering your market,

2)  Or you do nothing and let your competition get this advantage before you do.

You are either ahead of the curve or behind it as this is truly a game-changing opportunity for your business to finally take the lead in your area.

And yes, like back in the day when it was an advantage to get a web site before anyone else, you’ll be doing this sooner or later just to survive and keep up with your competitors.

So why would you delay now, even for a minute?

Right now, AS YOU READ THIS, you are literally losing sales that could be EXCLUSIVE to your business.

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What could you do with names, email addresses, mailing addresses and phone numbers of ACTIVE BUYERS for your products and services BEFORE they become public shoppers?

Would your business benefit from having rights for EXCLUSIVE access to this technology for your area?

With Predictable Customers you get to these buyers before your competitors know they exist!

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