Why Predictable Customers?

Because it makes no sense to continue “old school hunting” new business like the rest of your industry or profession if you can get to your ideal, purchase-ready customers first – by simply updating your acquisition process (and save buckets of money while doing it).

Predictable Customers:  The game-changing new paradigm of lead generation and customer acquisition – especially for B2C businesses.

Anyone who has tried to squeeze a lead out of a marginal prospect knows the feeling…

It’s that hollow sensation in the pit of your stomach where you know you’re pushing the person for a sale that they just aren’t ready for – or aren’t interested in at all.

If it’s not a solid prospect and they don’t have the ability to blow you off, they shine you on. Faking interest because they can’t say no doesn’t really help you or them get what either of you want.

That’s because working a marginally interested lead is a waste of money on the short-term (and often on the long-term, too).

It’s usually time better spent with real opportunities – sales opportunities that aren’t likely to come back with ‘buyers remorse’ because you hard-closed them.

You just want a sale. They just want to be left alone or they want to feel important or they want to play games or they can’t make up their mind or whatever…

Why not just work leads that are already “in-market” to buy?

Predictable Customers literally gathers for you the various forms of contact info for people in your market who are shopping for and needing your products or services now.

How can you beat that?

You can’t. There’s nothing better on planet earth for your sales team.


So we’ve done the hard work and connected the dots between tracking with data filtering and collection while updating real-time accuracy on buyer profiles. As a result, we end up with being able to predict who is in the process of buying what, right now – even as the buying criteria of your market evolves.

That’s right. As the needs and wants of your ideal customer change, our technology tracks right along with them and adjusts on-the-fly, all the while staying current with your market needs and wants.

You have to seriously ask yourself what in the world are you waiting for?!?

Go ahead, ask yourself, we’ll wait…

Ok, now take a step forward. Make contact and let’s have a brief conversation so you can get this technology working for you before you’re the last old school sales knucklehead left standing.

ACTIVE BUYERS are shopping for your products and services right now - as you read this.

Want to contact them BEFORE they become known to your competitors?

With Predictable Customers you can dramatically reduce and even eliminate your competition because you get to these buyers before your competitors know they exist!

Get names, emails, mailing addresses, and phone numbers as a first contact advantage over your competition for customers CURRENTLY shopping for what YOU offer.

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